The Heat and Computers

If the heat is getting to you, imagine what your computer is going through with only one little fan to cool its insides. The heat is definitely doing strange things to my computers. It may or may not be the heat though with the desktop computer having had a tech here replacing all of the innards part by part. Yet, the Internet connection is still a problem.

Funny, the WiFi works fine for all of the other computers here both resident and visiting. A week back, we upgraded our cable TV to a DVDR subscription to get more channels in English. We now have a grand total of five. Do I hear a big WHOOP? When the repairman was here, he did some stuff with the wiring, which then led him to my Internet modem. When he left, it was white lightening. Today, it is slower than getting mud out of silk.

Trying to work on the Toshiba laptop, I have been back and forth between the coffee table and the desktop. It is too hot keeping the laptop on my lap and if I set it on anything non-porous, it shuts itself off. I have a fan blowing on the power cord to keep it cool, but finally put it on a bag of ice wrapped in a dish towel. If I am not electrocuted, I will get my shopping chapter completed today. If I am electrocuted, it will go on hold indefinitely.

There is a silver lining. On Wednesday, I get my brand new computer with a four core processor, my Windows Home Server will be installed, and a WiFi router with two antennas strong enough to project through lead walls. The best of it is it will have Windows 7 on it. Ah, you say, Windows 7 is not out yet. This is the Windows 7 Release Candidate, which can be downloaded until August with a key. It will work until March 2010 at which time I will have the regular version to replace it with. The only down side is having to reinstall all of the programs now and then again later with the full version. The price one pays for technology.