Happy Birthday – A Social Experiment

Tomorrow, July 1, 2010 is Ron’s birthday, but I won’t divulge how many years he has roamed the earth. My challenge to all of you is to be part of my social experiment. What I would like is to see how many readers/contacts/friends I can get to send Ron a birthday greeting. 

It doesn’t matter if you know him or not. Just send a note to ronschm@gmail.com, saying I heard it was your birthday and wanted to say hi or whatever you are up for. It really doesn’t matter. What I am anxious to see is if he can accumulate at least one birthday greeting for each year of his life. Regardless of what you will say, it is bound to put a smile on his face. Here is a cute video to start the mood.
Please be a sport and play along. It will only cost you about 3 minutes time. Ron celebrates his Birthday Octave, so any greetings through the week after are still perfectly welcomed, so if you read this after the 1st, no worries. Ron will be “celebrating” his birthday in Iowa. How special can that be? 
; )

Facebook greetings are only cheating and don’t count.

Oh, here is a clue. Ron is MUCH older than I am. : )

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