Happy Beerday to Ron

Yesterday was Ron’s birthday. Rather than have a cake and ice cream, I decided to do what most people would like better, go drink beer.

There is a great beer ruins pub that we discovered, where they generally have 15-20 beers on tap at any given time. Best yet, the types rotate, so you can frequent the place and try new beers all the time.

I had invited a small group who I knew would not be on Facebook, but also sent a general invite to those on Facebook as well. We were lucky to get a good table, for the 7 of us who made it. It turned out to be a good number but both Szilvia and Sylvia were missed. 

A good time was had by all, especially the birthday man who left the pub walking a lot less steadily then when he entered. 

Address: Tűzoltó utca 22
Hours: Monday to Sunday 3pm to 3am.
Élesztő, the newest ruins pub, is dedicated to craft beer. For starters, you can find 17 craft beers on tap. Unusual beer offerings include millet, blueberry, cherry, elderberry, and ‘Korty’, a unique choice of Hungarian beer made with fermented Tokaji Aszú.