H2O Saga

Imre, the plumber returned with our new hot water heater, but could not tell us when he would have time to install it. Ron showed him the removable faucet, but he fixed it within seconds. We were again happy… until he left. We turned on the water. Hot water, cold water, seemingly perfect. Turn off the water, turn off the water, turn off the water. Yes, the water is turned off, so why is it still streaming out at full force only reducing to a trickle after one minute, but still a hearty drip by the end of two minutes. We did not need a plumber to tell us that this was not good news.

Thinking over our six+ years in this apartment, we cannot blame Imre for this one. We have had four different plumbers and five different faucets. Each faucet has had its own problems. No one has been able to translate reasons why that we can understand. It is our belief that they just don’t know the answer either. When Imre returns to install the hot water heater, we will try this again, but in deep in my heart, I feel another faucet is in our future. Whis is like the movie Groundhog Day with a plumbing twist.