Good bye Cairns, Hello Hobart

Andrew our personable weather forecaster told us this morning that some areas around us had twenty-four inches of rain in the last twelve hours. Two feet of rain in twelve hours. How amazing is that? Because of this, he thought it wise to bring us to the airport earlier than he anticipated last night, which was fine by me. I thought he was cutting it close as it was.

As we were driving past these green fields, they were littered with dozens of wallabies grazing. It was so funny to see so many of them in one place. I also kept seeing signs stating “Do not transport electric ants. Make sure you do not have any with you.” I meant to ask Andrew what that was about, but got sidetracked and didn’t. I will have to Google them.

Again, we were checked in within ten minutes with our boarding passes for both flights. We have to connect in Melbourne to continue on to Hobart. The Melbourne flight first hand to fly in from Melbourne to do a turn-around and it arrived late, so we were late taking off. We only had thirty minutes to make our connection for the Hobart flight, so we were slightly concerned about missing our connection. As it turned out, it was not a concern at all. It was the same plane at the same gate, but not the same crew. For the first segment, the entire crew was male. For this segment, it is mostly male. Virgin Blue is so efficient, but our departure from Melbourne is as we are landing. Will we make it?

Sure we will, it is the same plane we just got off of taking us to Hobart. Not an all male crew this time, but still friendly and efficient. Hobart airport is small. On the baggage carousels, there are options listed for getting into the city. The best bet was the shuttle at $25.00 per person with a return. It was sitting outside the door, there were only 8 others and Hobart is supposed to be small, so did not take too long for us to be dropped off at Customs House Hotel. Coincidentally, it is also a pub hotel, which we did not have a clue about. We had to check in at the pub, reception was closed by our arrival at 7:30 pm. The bar staff was pleasant and quickly got us settled.

As we drove into the city, I noticed there was not much open. This looks like a sleepy little city. Our room is extravagantly large with a sizable bathroom. We went downstairs to question the bar staff about restaurants and other than suggesting their own, told us to the left and right on the street out the door there are plenty of choices. We are directly across the street from the harbor and across the street in the other direction is a lovely Parliament park.

We walked in one direction and found nothing open, turned around and went the other way. A few blocks away is the Salamanca Square, where there are a number of restaurants and pubs. Checking out menus, we found that prices here are even higher than Sydney. All of the little shops in between the eateries, drinking stations were closed, but looked worth investigating further.

I needed to buy cigarettes and could not find anywhere that they were sold other than one pub. I had to get a token from the bar staff that needed to be used before I could insert my money. This is how they keep under 18 year olds from buying cigarettes. Anyone under that age who can afford them is doing something else illegal.

Finally deciding on a place to eat, we ordered while sitting outside, but it became a little too chilly to stay there. Inside was a strangely cut up large room with triangled sections separating tables. The food was delectable, but the portion was minuscule. For the prices, they should have given a double portion. Still being hungry after we finished, we refused the offer to see the dessert menu and order a coffee, but went across the square where there is a 24 hour bakery. Their selections are sinful, there are so many of them. Apple cake with dates and almonds screamed out my name so loudly, I was embarrassed at the attention I was getting in a public place. Ron decided that brownies are the true test of a good bakery. The scores are in, each judge held up a 10 on the their scorecards.

Back at the hotel, our room is totally quiet, the bed is comfortable, and the television works. All of the American television shows seem to be a half year behind. They are just previewing the new season of Desperate Housewives. Off to sleep.