Going Postal

It is getting easier to understand why people “go postal” when the US Postal Service is only delivering crappy service. Point in fact: I ordered ten books that I needed relatively soon for my fall classes. Soon meaning I needed a friend to bring them over to save on postage here. The books were ordered at great expense, being college texts, but shipping them within the US was going save a bundle. 
All the books were shipped to this friend’s TX address. Damn if she did not get married in the meanwhile and decide to spend time at her new husband’s home two hours away from her own. Okay, my bad for not checking where to have them shipped. When I heard, I immediately contacted the various sellers to change the address. Mind you, this happened within 24 hours, but the books had been shipped by all of the seven sellers I ordered from. What is up with this efficiency? Something change in the book market since I left? All the books went to the wrong address; she arrived with no books. 
But, two books with the same author, same title, but from two different book vendors never made it to either TX address. This was to be the key text for my new MA Social Problems class. Lost in the postal system where services is not king. Okay, mistakes happen.
She flies elevated frequent flier status, negating extra luggage charges, so it would have been great for her to bring them over, but now she will not be returning until September. Too late, so I will have to bargain with the devil to have Ron cart them back praying he is not dinged for extra weight. With that in mind, I had her send the rest of the books USPS to Ron’s niece. 
She mailed them. They never arrived. Out of desperation, I finally broke down and ordered one of the titles to be shipped here to the university.

Ron introduced me to this Australian wine called Hardy’s Bin 343, which I quite like. I am not a wine drinker, usually sitting out the wine tastings in CA, South Africa, and Australia. Sometimes, I taste and dump the rest of the sample much to the chagrin of others. But with Ron gone, me left to handle things here, the weather being lousy, State Exams to put up with, and the stress of loss of books, I have enjoyed the nip of wine each evening. My nips seem to be progressing from small wine glass to larger wine glass, to large juice and then water glasses. I seem to have plowed through Bin 343 working my way to Bin 379. Who knew grapes could be so tasty.

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