God and Hungary Forsake Some Religions

Not too long ago, the only thing needed to create a new ‘religion‘ in Hungary was to get 120 members to sign your form saying they were card carrying members of your faith. You did not even need to issue said membership cards, as long as they were willing to swear to it. If you are going to swear under these circumstances it kind of insinuates you are swearing  to some higher power, unlike the type of swearing you do when you hit your finger with a hammer, thus it made it official with the local powers here as well as whatever God(s) may be listening. Therefore, the Hungarian Parliament put a stamp of approval on it too. 
Well by Jove or Zeus choose your preference, that is no longer true. The new government has tightened the reins, pulled on the lease, and reeled in the those metaphorical reborn fish masquerading as a religions sect. The new testament set forth by the Hungarian Parliament now states who is and who is not a religion by setting forth fourteen denominations as officially recognized. The reasoning is a sound way to filter out businesses who were hiding under the veil of religion. This is one habit that needed changing, Sister.

Who the other thirteen happen to be is any English speakers‘ guess, since no official list has come out in English, but what has come out is is the list that should be referred to as “Oh My God, How Did We Forget That Group?” 

The Catholics made the list, because the Budapest Mayor
just renamed Liberty Square into Pope John Paul II Square, putting this
group of papal servants on the list. Others who are asking “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? are…”

The Methodists who have been around here for the last 100 years and are still in business, have been omitted.

Buddhist have been forgotten. For the love of Dali Lama, how could they forget him. He was even here last year. 

Last of all, the Islamics. For the major increase in the number of women wearing head coverings and floor length skirts, they a really are hard to miss.

However, I will be interested in seeing what becomes of the Scientology group. Stay tuned.

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