Getting Goosed

Yesterday, these delightful guests that were staying with me, requested that I join them for dinner, their treat, at my choice of restaurants. That is a no-brainer, because my first choice when given the option is Paprika. Paprika has never failed me or anyone we have ever recommended it to in close to ten years. The only thing I have ever sampled there is the goose, because they make it better than anywhere else. They still have the same high standards they have always had, never forsaking the reputation they have built. So, I have been goosed up for the next three months or so, before I ready for more goose, but is I get a gander of goose on a menu, I just may partake again.

They spent the day out and about; I had errands and other chores on my To-Do list, but we gathered here at 6:30 to take the bus and then the short walk to the restaurant. The company was delightful, but they asked me so many questions, I did most of the talking; usually I try to get the guests to fill that role. Dinner was extended due to my inability to eat and talk at the same time, with any grace, that is.

After dinner, we walked to Heroes Square, where they had not been. I took them for a late night walk to the Agricultural Museum, the statue of Anonymous, the furdo, circus, Gundels, by the Fine Arts Museum, and then Mary wanted to walk around the statues of the tribesmen. They were delighted with the entire experience, but since they still had energy, we took Metro 1 down to the river to admire the lights on Castle Hill and the Chain Bridge while of course stopping to see the Little Princess and her other friend who plays ball with the dog. 

By that time, their 6am wake up call prompted them to get back and get to packing. They were leaving on a 9:30 flight this morning. 

We had our last delightful chat for this go around at the breakfast table, gave hugs, said good-bye and I crawled back in bed for more wonderful dreams.

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