Getting Closer

My classes are over, the grades are calculated, they have been entered into the university computer system, and all that is left is getting ready to leave on Monday. So here is the agenda.

Monday, we will train to Vienna for an overnight stay at Pension Wild It is a great place with reasonable rates and wonderful beds.

Tuesday at 3:00 pm starts the real journey. First we fly to Amsterdam, a 2 hour flight. From Amsterdam we continue to Kuala Lumpur with a whopping flight time of 11 hours and 40 minutes. From Kuala Lumpur, it is another 7 hours to Adelaide.

Scrambling along the way, we are getting last minute things done, hoping not to forget a thing. We cannot wait for the sunshine and warm weather. It is cold and dreary here now, but with the sky dark at 4:30, it makes for really long evenings.

Stay tuned. With my 2 pound computer, I will be blogging along the way.