Geek Needed

I need some HELP!!!! One of my students was kind enough to go with me to where I bought my school laptop to have more RAM and drive space added. Since I bought it there, the service was free. I  have Windows 7 Professional and wanted to put it on the laptop, which I intended to install myself.

Windows 7 Professional installed without a hitch, but the  immediate problem with the WiFi connection continued. With XP before this, it had stopped recognizing any wireless connections even if it was sitting on a router. After some critical thinking and downloading drivers that would not work, I did a Windows Update by plugging the laptop directly into the Internet cable. Viola! One of the updates was for the WiFi connection. It now works fine.
My second problem now is the sound. There is none at all.
1.) I went through the Windows Updates, nothing there for the sound card.
2.) I checked the troubleshooter, but is states it cannot diagnose the problem.
3.) All speakers are at 100%, not muted.
4.) I tried hooking it up to external speakers, but no sound.
5.) I tried earphones, but nothing.

After Googling, I found that in laptops, the sound card is usually integrated into the motherboard, not separate, so if this is true, I will not be able to change out the sound card.

I did find that the sound card has two associations nVidia MCP51 and Realtek ALC883, so I Googled drivers for these with Windows 7 and tried installing them. The nVidia after each attempt at installing, it said there was a problem installing it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this laptop often gets hooked up to speakers and the projector for watching movies. 

As some would say if I just had an APPLE, I would not have these problems because the APPLE/MAC just works. Well read this. This Leopard needs to change its spots. As for security, it is now taking a bite from the APPLE as BBC reports.
PCs have tremendously improved my thinking keeping my brain from turning into APPLE sauce.
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