Frustration Knows No Limits

I have had the computer guys here so often, they are thinking of renting one of our rooms. They could not seem to figure out why my cable box and router goes out more often than Brad Pitt did in his twenties. Finally, they decided it had to be the cable box and they called the cable company to fight the point. Each time I called they said they ran diagnostics from the office and all was well.

The cable man cometh yesterday, worked at the junction box on the third floor, and then replaced my cable modem. All seemed to be smooth Internet surfing until last night when it went out again. Perhaps the router needed to be rebooted to recognize the new cable box. Today, all seemed fine until an hour ago when it showed I was connected, yet I was not getting anywhere I wanted to go on the Internet highway. Not even a yield sign came into view, just stop, and in stop trying, because there is no connection.

The cable man said it may be because the box is on the third floor and the connection has to travel too far to reach my computer. Ah, duh! I cannot imagine we are the only people one floor away from the junction box. Wouldn’t logic dictate that a solution needs to be found?