Frommer’s Reader Writes

This came from a reader of my tour book.

Hello, Ryan!
My wife and I have bought Frommer’s travel guides for many years, as we have prepared to visit a place and then as working guides when we got there.
We’ve just returned from several days in Budapest — we’re Americans based in London for the fall for my job — and we wanted to get in touch and tell you that your guide to the city is the best Frommer’s guide we’ve read. We digested it thoroughly before going there and carried it around with us at all times after we arrived in Budapest. We think the best travel guides are those that provide realistic and practical advice for sight-seeing, dining and getting around, just like a friend who’s been somewhere and has come back to tell you about it. As a matter of fact, we eventually just said to each other “Ryan said this” and “Ryan said that.” So thanks for a guide well-written and a job well-done.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Budapest and would certainly consider coming back in the future. Maybe we’ll stay at your place next time, as we read in the book yesterday about your B&B. Sounds nice.

Again, thanks for helping us enjoy our vacation, and if you don’t mind, at the end of this message, we have a couple of notes that you might consider as updates in future editions of the book.

All the best,
Keith and Jayne
Charlotte, North Carolina

P.S. We dined at the Blue Tomato Pub on Thursday evening (biggest plates of food we’ve ever seen) and enjoyed the Trofea Grill Etterem last night. Both were very nice, but apparently, the Trofea no longer accepts MasterCard or Visa. We learned this to our dismay at the end of our meal. Fortunately, there’s an ATM just around the corner which bailed us out. I don’t know if this was just our unique experience, but we didn’t find credit/debit cards very widely accepted in Budapest, and had we known that we might have brought more forints with us.