Frommer Readers

Dear Ryan,

   My wife and I are getting much good use of the 8th edition of your Frommer’s on Budapest, which we brought on our our two month sabbatical from the US.  Normally, I wouldn’t write the author of a guidebook, but we saw in the book that you live full time in Budapest and we thought we would share our good laugh with you. In walking down Andrassy Street looking for a place to exercise in-doors, we had been led to believe there was a fitness club at 68 Andrassy street. As we walked there we discovered the fitness club was since out of business, but the EcoCafe next door looked good. We went in that day in the first week of our being here and have gone back at least three times. It has freshly baked organic bread and kifli, sandwiches and good coffee.

   Next door to the Eco as you probably know is the Lukacs Cukraszda.  As we walked by it after breakfast, all my wife could remember was that it was noted in your guidebook. Well, being curious and on vacation I stepped inside to see if I could take a look at the menu.  To the right of the door seemed to be a board with writing that looked like a menu, so I headed that way before being abruptly stopped by one of the waiters.  It was literally two minutes to 9:00 and it turns out that the Lukacs does not open until nine AM.  So, as I’m a potential customer two minutes before opening, I was surprised and miffed that the response of the employees was to insist that I leave.  

   When we got back to our apartment, we looked at the Frommer’s just to check what you might have said about Lukacs.  Of course, we howled when we read your insights about the manager’s attitude.  You had hit it right on the head.  We definitely wouldn’t go back there. 
   Further you had noted some concern about Gerloczy Kavehaz.  We stopped there today for lunch because it is around the corner from our favorite cheese shop.  We can easily report a very good experience. Great service at lunch, willingness to explain the menu in Hungarian and English and very nice quiche with fresh salad.
   Thanks for all the hard work it takes to see, review and write these places.  We all benefit. Jack and Agnes Dover