From Tampons to This

On a daily basis, I receive a digest of Hungarian news translated into a language I am intimately familiar with. One item that piqued my curiosity was rather obscenely titled regarding Ex-Pat women. When I clicked on the link, the short sexist and sexual blurb prompted me to visit yet another link. This one, a website for a very well known Ex-Pat relocation business announced that O.B. Tampons with applicators are available again in the capital. 
 o.b. Super Plus Absorbency Tampons 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)
It was only by luck(?) that I made it this far. Okay, luck with a heavy dose of a curious nature! What caught my eye was the “related articles” underneath. One was Ethnic Food Markets in Budapest. Reading the article was not too informative, having lived here almost 9 years now, we have ferreted out most food sources where ethnic ingredients may be found, What was interesting was the associated article for the British Pantry. Not being a Brit, digestives or marmite were not going to get me drooling for a long missed gastronomic experience. What did get me panting was the sausage section. The first item on the list is Italian sausage and they deliver to your door. How beautiful is that?
It has not by-passed my attention the irony where an article about tampons lead me to finding Italian sausage.
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