Flat Expressionism

After weeks of looking at apartments or flats as they call them here, we had finally narrowed it down to two. This was further narrowed down for us when one of the two was sold while we were deliberating. Yet, just to make sure we were not making any rash decisions, we continued looking at additional apartments. The eye-opener here is that regardless of how lovely a building may look on the outside, it can harbor some damn ugly dwellings inside. Some of the things people are asking a fortune for are despicable, not only dirty, but strangely shaped rooms that are totally inconvenient. It makes me want to be a fly on the wall to see how they cope. It also makes me what to analyze their thinking to discover how they can fantasize asking for what they propose.
When we were certain we had found the place we wanted, we put in a ridiculously low offer, knowing it would be refused, but heck, we have fantasies too. REJECTED! Similar to my dating life from years past, so it came as no surprise. Three days later, we upped the ante. That was rejected also, even when we said this was not a game we were willing to play, so it was our final offer. What was proposed by the sellers was a face to face meeting. We being Americans did not understand what this could possibly entail if they rejected our 2nd offer. 
What they wanted to do was give us an itemized, very detailed list of all the renovations they made to the apartment. We had visited twice, so the wife had already shown me every nook, cranny, and nail hole in the entire place. I now knew this place better than her husband did, but he insisted on telling us how much money they spent on everything. All well and good, but the economy is bad, making this a buyer’s market. I spent a good twenty minutes telling them what I didn’t like; some of it was really true. What cannot be beat is the location. In real estate the mantra is location, location, location. And yes, sorry, but if we had remodeled, we may have made different choices. After an hour and a half of friendly dialogue, we parted ways without moving an inch or a forint in our offering.
Less than 2 days later, our realtor called to say that the owner’s have budged. Yes, they were as stubborn as we were in sticking to our bank accounts, but they decided to try to meet us half way in our ‘firm’ bids. We thought it over, met with Peter our realtor again this afternoon and signed the papers with the new bid based on a new agreed price. Their realtor presented it to them last night and they agreed. Once their signature is on the dotted line, if we back out, we lose our deposit. If they back out, they have to refund our deposit, plus give us yet again an equal amount for the hassle. If we could only get people to back out of their contracts at the last minute, we could have a profitable business going. 
As of now, it looks like we’ll be landlords. If anyone wants a self-catering option in Budapest during June, July, or August send an e-mail to info@budabab.com for more information.

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