Feeling Trashy and Cleaning Up at the Same Time

Twice a year, each district in Budapest has their own designated day for getting rid of all the accumulation filling space for no good reason. Today is that day in our district. By the end of the day, all of the streets in our area will look like a war zone. When we first moved here, I did not know what this was and was horrified we had company coming a month later. Little did I realize, first everything gets picked over by the treasure hunters and then tomorrow, the garbage trucks will come through for the rest. Generally, there is never a trace of what has happened in those 24 hours.
Spring is a cleansing time for me. I need to get rid of the old to make room for the new. I went through the pantry to shed it of the dozens of boxes that have been taking refuge in there. Down in our storage unit in the basement, there have been more than a dozen boards from various bookshelves we have had here. Since the current bookshelves have been custom made, those old ones are no longer needed. To paraphrase Lady Macbeth “Out, damned shelves! out, I say! One; two: why, then, ’tis time to do ‘t. Hell is murky!” but my storage areas are clean.
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