If You Are Persistent, You Condo It

Did you notice the pun in the title? Fantasy is starting to turn into reality. After more than a few false starts with underachiever real estate people, I finally found one who was willing to do some work. Wow, you would have thought the Florida economy was busting at the seams the way they reacted (or not) to my inquiries, but since things there have all but imploded, they should be courting me. 
The first referred Realtor was from a blog reader. This was like playing the old TV show The Dating Game.  It first aired in 1965 and is in its umpteenth incarnation still on TV.
Realtor #1, if I were a home, what type of home would I be? I am sorry, Realtor #1, but I cannot hear your answer. Oh, I see, you are ignoring me. 
The second referral, a woman Realtor, was from the same source as #1.
Realtor #2, if we have X amount of cash to spend, where do you see us buying a property?
“Hello! My name is Christine. Thank you for contacting me. I hope to assist you in all of your real estate needs. What can I do for you today?”
Um, Realtor #2, if I were a condo, what would I be seeing out of my windows? 
“The real estate market in the Fort Lauderdale area is booming with opportunities. How can I assist you in getting your dream home?”
After writing to a couple of social groups in the area, two different people were courteous enough to suggest other Realtors. 
Realtor #3, we live in Hungary and plan to stay here, but we are anxious to see what you have to offer. How can you entice us with your goods?
“When do you plan on moving here?”
Realtor #3, we are looking for investment property, not to move there.
“When you move here, I will be happy to take you around to see what is available. Until you move here, it is impossible to say what will be on the market.”
Realtor #4, you were referred to us by a Budapest, Hungarian who has only relocated to Florida five years ago. If we were spacious living space, how many rooms would we have?
“Oh, you would have hundreds of rooms. In fact more rooms than you have cash for. You really should get a mortgage. Here is the name of a Bank of America Loan Officer.”
Realtor #4, we have done our thing with your friend the loan officer and he has given high approval ratings. Can we all get it together now and see where it leads us?
Realtor #4, are you there? Realtor #4?
Finally, after browsing through dozens of real estate “alerts” from three different real estate agencies including Multiple Listing Services, I came across the property we are buying. I contacted the selling agent directly. She turned out to be the ONE! It was worth the wait for the incredible help she has been.  

Century 21 Tenace Realty, Inc.
1835 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL  33071
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