Eye Can Almost See You

My first follow-up eye exam after the surgery yesterday was this morning. Again, I was examined by the computer and then by the doctor. She said it looks perfect. Eye drops five times a day for a week, four times a day next week, and so on until they are all gone and I will be fine. She did schedule me for another visit on Monday.
My vision is clearing. I am able to get around fine; there is still some blurriness, but that will clear up over time. The improvement thus far has been dramatic. I am sitting closer to the screen than usual, but that should improve too, according to the doctor. I do need to invest in 100% UV protection sunglasses and will have to wear them outside regardless of the weather for the next three months. Since we are going to be in Africa for a month, they will be good to have anyway.
Tomorrow, we will get a Swine flu vaccination, recommended by our local doctor and seconded by the Kenyan government. Our travel agent there said it would be good to have it listed on our medical cards. We may have to get Yellow Fever too, if our last one has expired.