Expressions Dreamweaver Caught in the Web

As I have mentioned, I bought the domains,, and All three will feed into one site seamlessly, so roads will lead to me. If and when that songbird Ryan James ever gets laryngitis and quits singing, I will grab too. Don’t point your browser at any of these domains just yet; they are no functional.  
I had four things on my list of things to do this summer.
1. Create a website for the above domains
2. Open up Print on Demand stores with the best of my best travel photos
3. Write a memoir
4. Amass a fortune to become filthy rich, but I will settle for abundantly dirty rich
Hitting a few roadblocks has put me behind schedule. I had intended to have my website done by the first of June. Being that I created our B and B website myself and maintain it, I am not working from nothing here. The glitch is that the new site needs more bells and whistles than the other, so the program I used is no longer any good. Newer Internet technology has new bells and whistles too: CSS, aspx,, Grrrrr.  The upgraded version is now called Expressions, but you need to make sure you are watching videos for the version you happen to have. Being an entirely different program, watching a series of six tutorial videos still left me in the dark. 
Google, Google, Google… Expressions is yesterday’s news, no longer de rigueur and possibly a waste of time as too may not support all of the wonderful things I need. But who knows, because after six tutorials, each watched six times, I realized they were building a graphics heavy site that was not going to do me any good. All of the layers and div boxes were making me confused, plus I could not get my floating box layers to go side by side like they were supposed to.

Google, Google, Google…Dreamweaver is the number one choice of 9 out of 10 graphic artists. Download the trial of CS4, skipping over the CS5 version. Watched two videos, had a breakdown, came dangerously close to physically harming Ron who innocently came to interrupt me with a question. What followed was I threw the computer out of the fourth floor (5th floor US) window, placed an ad for a tutor.
As John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Reflecting on these experiences, I have come to realize that the web does entice us like the fly for the spider where once trapped, we fight for Expression, but only find a Dreamweaver.

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