Exhaustion Hits

I was so exhausted from yesterday and not getting much sleep the night before that, I slept great. I had the side by the wall and that helped too. Ron was up by 8:30 and Mark called the room at 9:00. Chris, Mark, and Ron met for breakfast, but I continued to doze. Mark and Chris were going to the Anne Frank House. Chris did not want to go, so the original plan was for he and I to hang out together. He did decide to join them, so I stayed behind for a really lazy morning.

The breakfast room was filled when I made it down, so I had to wait for a table. There were some obnoxious Germans with nose piercings and raucous laughter who seemed to stay forever.

The guys never made it through the Anne Frank House, the line was wrapped around the corner and they decided not to wait. We went strolling and came across the outdoor book and picture mart. Browsing a bit, Mark found a couple of treasures and then we ventured around the city. We shopped, browsed, and just had a lazy day looking at sights and peeking in churches. I scored with a Waterstone book store. They have an on-going buy 2, get 3 sale. Although the books are slightly higher than what I would pay in the States, there were some authors that I cannot usually find: Josten Gaardner is one and I found two of his books I did not have before. I also discovered Christopher Hope’s book My Mother’s Lover’s and bought it on chance. He is a South African writer. Alexander McCall Smith had a new book out on his series that takes place in Botswana and I scooped that one up too.

This evening, we went to the Van Gogh Museum. They are open late on Friday nights and have live entertainment. The interesting part is they project pictures of the paintings on the ceiling and have live cameras toward the floor below. It looks like people walking all over the painted ceiling. I am not a Van Gogh fan and I have been here before with Ron. Ron pours over each painting and reads everything. I speed read, look at the painting and move on. Chris and Mark beat both of us and were in the lobby listening to the music when we finished up. They do not allow photography even with a special ticket, though I am not sure there would be much there that I would take pictures of if I were allowed.

The pain in my leg is making it difficult to sit on the bed with the computer on my lap, so these posts are not as up-to-date or detailed as I would like.