End of Other Things

Now only is this the end of our gorgeous weather, but it also brings an end to another tourist season. Sure, there are those that will try to find great airfares during the autumn months, but the real onslaught of tourists is in the summer months. 
As a hypocritical “thanks” to the global economy, the fact that “budget airlines” have fallen from the Hungarian airspace, and the real lack of the promotion of Hungarian tourism, this has been another lackluster season. 
To add extra credence to my own observations, this news article came in today. “Mass layoff of managers at Hungarian hotel operator Danubius“. There was not much more in the article, because quite honestly, the headline tells the story. The Gellert Hotel is probably the most well known of the Danubius chain, but they have hotels in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom
I guess this means that the Gellert will not be getting the remodel job on its rooms that have been promised for the last thirty years. Well, for a sense of how it was in the past, if you like nostalgia, you know where to book.
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