Electro Man Strikes Again

After weeks of hearing Ron whine about how slow the kitchen computer was downloading Comedy Central, I gave in and called out computer tech. Admittedly, the last straw was the fact that my network connection would suddenly disappear, leaving me in the black hole of reality with no access to cyberspace. Once you have tasted cyber-surfing, there is a point of no return.

Our adopted child, nephew, student, side-kick, whatever his moniker du jour happens to be, Balazs came over to get things off of his “To Do” list.

First, go with me to the frame shop to have three lithographs re-matted. This had been on my list since we bought them four years ago. Check it off! Done, they will be ready on Wednesday.

Two, go to Office Depot to buy a new computer chair. After testing chairs that ranged in cost from $50-300.00, I settled for one that felt comfortable, was not unreasonable and did not lop to one side like my current chair. I thought they had free delivery if you spent a certain amount. Balazs thought I was bringing him to carry the chair home. I really needed his translator skills to find out color options and assorted picky matters. They indeed have free delivery, plus for $4.00 extra, they will assemble the chair, which just happened to be on sale.

After I paid, the security officer came up to us and said something to Balazs. I thought she wanted to inspect my bag. She took me over to a large cardboard box, asking that I close my eyes. I had to reach in and grab a ‘prize’. It was a magazine in Hungarian, a prize for Balazs.

Having given me the router, B-man felt responible for getting it fixed. He worked on it for three hours, before we made him stop to have dinner with us. After dinner, he finally got it working properly. I e-mailed out tech guy to cancel. This is why we love our dear Balazs.