Easy Recipes

I was fortunate that even if the computer keyboard was out of commission while we were away, I could still do some navigation with the arrow keys and the touchpad. It was responding to mail that was out of the question.
One of the e-mails I received was from an ex-pat woman who is living in Mexico with her husband and has created a cooking blog of easy recipes.  She requested we do a link exchange. The key word for me was ‘easy’ so I had to check out her blog: Easy Recipes
Normally, I don’t do link exchanges, basically because I get some really perverse ones relating to things I could never consider supporting. BUT food? Bring it on. If you happen to forget the site from this post, it is on the right hand column too under links. 

Her name is Raven Chelanee in case you want to send her an e-mail via her site. Speaking of which I did have to lodge a minor complaint after looking over the site. There were only 2 recipes for peanut butter. Come on now…what’s up with that? 

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