Drowning in My Own Sweat

Okay, I feel guilty over not writing sooner. Honest, I do! There are reasons, not excuses for the absence,
which I will go into short detail about and then hopefully we can move on from there.

We were in Granada. Were the past tense as in we left there…over a week ago. What happened? Well, it is summer in this region of the world. It is hot out. No, change that to blistering hot out. Unlike Panama City where every store has air conditioning blasting and the front doors wide open, here they have the front doors wide open, but no air conditioning. Even our accommodation charges $10 a night extra for A/C with the expectation that it is nighttime use only. That said, the room did have a heavy-duty floor fan as well as a ceiling fan. Neither really met the match of A/C, but we didn’t realize how much we really needed artificially cooled air streams blowing over our sheets causing us a nighttime chill.

The room was not totally uncomfortable, but we toyed with the idea of wrecking our budget for a night or two splurging on the remote control needed to turn on the A/C unit, but it never won the battle. Add to this that Nicaraguan beds and pillows are like sleeping on marble slabs. I truly believe the pillows are made of straw that has been soaked in concrete before being formed into a shape that will never know what fluffing means. This led to lack of sleep. Lack of sleep led to apathy.

Days were moderately busy, but honestly, there would have been plenty of time to write IF it were not so damned hot. The heat melted away any incentive I had at being creative, sharing, or moving away from the poolside, though I did not even go in the one here.

Finally, the Internet connection is worse than when I had a 56K dial up modem, two centuries ago. The bed and breakfast has “high speed” Internet with a heavyweight router, but the upload speed is as fast as a mule in mud. One day, I thought I would be progressive and upload my photos. It took me 2 full days of letting the computer run non-stop to upload 36 photos. I could have delivered them to Picasa in person faster.

Even typing my notes in Word and then copying and pasting into Blogger has not solved the issue. Blogger times out before any saves have been made due to the Internet speed.

So that said, this is why I have not created a comprehensive overview of Granada and now León has past. I will write up a quick overview of each for my memory in the future as well as for your ‘reading’ pleasure. Hopefully, it will get uploaded.

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