Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

I had a preview of what the cover of my new book was going to look like and I did not like it. I had hopes it was just a big mistake, since it looks like an electri-FRIED version of the current cover. After seeing some of the other covers from other country editions, it is comforting to know it is not just mine. 
Frommer’s was running a photo contest for quite some time. Winners were selected for future book covers as well as pocketing a $5,000 prize. The absurdity of this prize compared to writing the book is beyond description. If I had been eligible, I would have snapped my heart out. Multiple submissions were encouraged. What I should have done is sent it out to all of our photographer guests with a contract stipulating a finder’s fee. We have had a few professionals, so my chances would have been fairly good. Regardless, the end of the contest was after this edition went to print.
Supposedly, this edition was to be released on April 16th, but after checking with and Frommer’s online bookstore, it is still classified as Pre-order. Frommer’s shows it as May 3rd; I do know it will come out 6 weeks later in the UK and the rest of the English speaking world. 

I do love what Frommer’s put in their online blurb. You win some, you lose some, but I did not have any control over either the cover nor the blurb. Pleased I am with their marketing foresight.

Whenever you read the New York Times travel archives for any country, it is Frommer’s you are reading. Thus, if you were to search the NYT for Budapest restaurants, what you will find are the reviews from my book. 
Frommer’s also teams up with a number of other sites. I have seen my writing in other places. Strangely, I used to write some for Nile Guide and now they are incorporating all of Frommer’s books onto their site.
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