Do You Need Your Nose Sucked?

If you don’t know the saying “truth is stranger than fiction” you must have at least thought something along those lines at some point. Anyway, I belong to a recycling group here that originated in Tuscon, Arizona and spread throughout the world. There are now 4,969 groups with 8,648,943 members. 

The basic premise is that if you have something you want to rid yourself of, you post it to your recycle Yahoo group with WHO NEEDS in the subject line. People who want it, e-mail you for it, giving you the option of who gets it. Likewise, if you need something, you post NEED  and then the item you need. Years ago I discovered Freecycle and wanted to start an English group here in Budapest, but since there was a group here already, I had to get permission from the current group leader. He refused permission, but offered a compromise. All posts to the Hungary group would be bi-lingual Hungarian and English. That worked for me. Over the years, I have been a major contributor of getting rid of things from furniture to old computer supplies. The only time there was something offered that I felt in need of was a pile of books for school. I was the only taker. 

Not that you have the premise, this post came through my group today in the e-mail. I am only giving the English translation of the original Hungarian post. Dear Hungarians, please don’t spoil the humor here by getting rational. 

The message:

“We would like to get a vacuum cleaner. Mainly because the only way we can suck our baby’s nose is to use the vacuum (with a special adapter).This is why it is very important to get one.


(translated by moderator, Betty )

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  1. I think the translation is correct, you just don't know enough about nose sucking.

  2. This is great! Having lived in Budapest for four years, I know only too well how easy these kinds of translation errors can be made and the resulting humor! Enjoy your time in Budapest, it's a great city!

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