Dental Surprised

There is nothing I hate more than dental surprises. I made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned and three days prior, I was flossing and broke an old root canal. As three dentists in two different countries have told me, I missed the good teeth gene somewhere. As I sit in the waiting room of my dentist, anticipating what he is going to say, I think of the worst-case scenario. Well my worst case and his differed sharply. Not only did he have to redo the whole root canal, he has to do a crown too. The cost of the root canal… $32.00. The cost of a crown… $110.00. This is WITHOUT dental insurance since it does not exist here. I love Hungary for this reason. Dentistry is widely acclaimed throughout Europe, which the Austrians and Germans have known for a number of years. Now the Brits have caught on too. People from all over Europe now come here for dental holidays. There are even travel agents who specialize in making flight, hotel, and dental appointments for travelers. Hungarian dentists are amongst the best with dental implants. I also love my dentist. He is kind, gentle, and look like a young version of Robert Redford.