Dear to whom it may concern,

I received this e-mail note, so I promised I would post the information. Truthfully, I get so many questions about the time an American can stay in the Schengen Zone, I hope this will cut back on my needing to respond. Now I can just point them to a link. Many US Americans seem to believe that since they are from the US, they have unlimited time in Europe. Not so!

Dear to whom it may concern,

I hope I am not interrupting you. My name is Kathie Dotson and I am the coordinator of a webpage that we have created and it contains info on Schengen Visas.

We have worked hard to collect info and offering quality info. The website has a lot of information for people who want to go in Schengen Zone Countries and need Schengen visa.

We need your support.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Great Regards,

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