I really don’t think you needed to clarify that you were in an Ireland different from the one that Ryan visited; I’m pretty sure that’s a given to everyone!! Whatever – it makes for great reading – he’s hysterically funny sometimes. Just imagining the looks on his face can SO crack me up! His nicknames are great too (i.e., Mr. Hospitality, Mr. Map).

Leinani and I are going to perform some creative editing to Ryan’s missives and put together a book – the title of which will be one of the following:

  • “Mr. Map & Mr. Tasteless’ World of Chocolate Covered Scorpions, Fairy Soap, and Rump Roast Feet”
  • “Spotted Dick & Tatties and Nips”
  • “Decorating With Radiators”
  • “Hiding Under the Bedcovers Vs. Venturing Out”
  • “The Old World Pact As Regards the Presentation of The Map”
  • “When Is It Pushing & Shoving and When Is It Lively Camaraderie?”
  • “It Is Only Without Taste Buds That One Can Enjoy Scones”
  • “Yes, We’re Sure They Were Tails”

…and the list keeps growing!!

I’m so glad to hear that you’re having a good time. Actually, it’s funny you should mention the difference in yours and Ryan’s perspectives, because I wrote a little ditty on that very subject…………and here it is:

My friends Ron & Ryan are quite the Team
They balance each other out
They see things so differently – from such poles apart
You’d think they took separate routes

Ryan’s a Worrier, caustic and savvy
Things better turn out as planned
Ron’s a Free Spirit, placid and mellow
Schedule? The schedule be damned!
Both are Real Gems, the Salt of the Earth
Scholars and Gentlemen they
So funny, devoted, caring, adoring
Each in their own Special Way

They click together famously
When they’re not quibbling – and how!
Were it not for their Love I truly believe
Someone would be Dead by now…

“Sometimes I find it really funny, and other times it really makes me angry”
“I am glad I can provide you with a range of emotions”
(Hysterical !!)

Thanks for all the laughs! Love you guys – talk to you soon!