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I will not get on a step ladder without a harness and safety net, so this is not for me. budapestUNDERGUIDE launched a double game where two lucky winners will enjoy a free tandem skydiving jump and a further five players will have the opportunity to jump half-price!

1 Tandem Quiz:
Answer the three questions correctly in the quiz and win a free tandem skydiving or one of the 5 half-price dives!

2 “My face in free fall” – Photo Contest
This is an extra game, where the winner will be jumping for free as well! What would your face be like while you are tandem skydiving? Take a photo of it, upload it to budapestUNDERGUIDE’s facebook wall and send it in an email to until midnight 3rd August. The most impressive photo will be chosen by the jury of budapestUNDERGUIDE and the Millennium Tandem Team.

Announcement of winners: 5th August, Friday afternoon at 5 pm.
All winners are welcome to tandem skydive on 12th August 2011 at Dunaújváros airport for an afternoon program with a good atmosphere, a lot of fun, and a local ‘bogrács’ barbecue accompanied by Péter Gálos and budapestUNDERGUIDE.

More info:

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