Complain, Complain, Complain

After receiving numerous complaints about the Embrace Life video I posted to this blog on April 10, 2010, I may succumb to pressures and remove it. 
  • The Shoe Repair Persons Association sent a letter of complaint that the man depicted was not wearing shoes. Not only is that illegal in most states to drive barefoot, they are claiming that the lack of footwear is causing their profession to be obliterated.  
  • Of course, the Religious Right went up in flames over the fact that there was a fairy in the video. They don’t like fairies of any ilk.
  • Naturally, the Housekeepers Union mopped the floor with me. They said “Who do you think is going to clean up the mess that went flying through the air? Not them, not on what we pay them.  
  • Reports are that the guy driving had been drinking some of the good stuff otherwise he would not have had that goofy smile on his face. Therefore, the FSADD or Furniture Salespersons Against Drunk Drivers want this banned since it promotes driving your dining room chairs while under the influence. 
  • Members of Al-Anon weighed in too. They pointed out that the wife was going to ask for a divorce, so she should not have been a codependent rushing to his rescue. 
  • Finally, the International Association for the Promotion of Animals in Video bit my head off, like I was responsible for there not being any animal represented. They suggested a fat cat could have replaced an air bag. Of course, the SPCA caught wind of this and it put their fur in a fury.

Enjoy the video while it lasts. 

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