The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 6

Ron: “anyway, quick explanation to marge, then off we went. good visit with martha, john, and sparkey. then they took me to local eaterie- real, real downhome- i had my first tenderloin (called big foot, a name which fit). yum. then marth drove me on to d.m. where we went to bookstore and had coffee. i bought mermaid chair and digging to america (2nd book half off). do we have patricia cornwell’s ‘at risk’ and new one ‘the front’ ordered??? should i get them in denver (both paperback)

had a very nice time last night. dick cooked farm raised catfish, w/ tasty black bean, mango, cilantro salad, and cheese bread. i brought ‘fish eye’ white wine which was also good. nice memory lane chats, then watched washington world, a policital panel show on pbs. today, to farmers market, then i’m treating dick. susan and martha to lunch before returning to the farm. i know it adds up, but i need to reciprocate for hospitality, gas, and such. i gave lawrence $100 and he took it and seemed pleased.

i hope alec will soon solve the computer issues. i feel sure he’ll be fair in labor costs. no matter the cost, it’s an essential expense. he seems to be persistent and concerned.

good sleep, with big storm last night. nice quiet rain on roof to wake up to. they have breakfast waiting, then tour dick’s horticulture world.”

Ryan: “What does this mean? “anyway, quick explanation to marge” She arrived a day late and you ran out?

I have been looking for Mermaid Chair for ages. I loved the “Secret Life of Bees”. “At Risk” is an old book and we have it. By Cornwell, what we don’t have is “The Front” or “Book of the Dead”. Kathy Reichs we don’t have “Bones to Ashes”. Her latest one after that is not due out until August. By David Baldacci, we don’t have “Stone Cold” or “The Whole Truth”. Someone left “Simple Genius” here, so you can scratch it from the list. Wait until Denver to see how much room/weigth the books I ordered takes up.

Farm raised catfish, sounds yummy. Sorry I missed it. I have been reading the news about gas prices and wondering how thrilled people are about driving you around. Did you expect your brother to refuse the money regardless of the reason? Is he controlling his drinking with the diabetes or did he find a work around? Have you seen Rich? Plans to?

Went to bed late last night, but got up at 7:00 to fix breakfast for the Germans who were at the table by 7:30 like they promised. As soon as they were settled in, by 7:45, I was back in bed. The door buzzer woke me and I ignored it. Then it buzzed again, so I got up. I had forgotten I had a student coming over to have his grade book signed. It was 11:00. When he left, I was half tempted to go back to bed again, but had laundry to take down and more to wash. Ran to the grocery store to replenish the bread and yogurt. These guys eat 4-5 yogurts each morning and they are all skinny.

I have a female couple coming in at 7:00 am tomorrow. I told them to come from the train station and drop their things off. The timing is perfect now since I have to be up for the Germans anyway. When I first offered, I dreaded having to get up, but now I have to.

Remember Monika Jones? She wrote the article and ‘interviewed’ you for Caboodle and the docent program? She is coming over at 11:00 for coffee. We are going to discuss the possible job at ELTE.

At this point, I am not sure when Alec is bringing the computer back. He said he is not going anywhere this weekend and would work on it all weekend. That will be hampered by his being able to find parts he did not plan on over the weekend. Hopefully, he thought one step ahead.

Murry Nelson is coming back to Budapest on Monday for some reason, so we are having dinner. Andria Trimmer is back in Hungary and wanted to get together this weekend, but her host family took her to the countryside. She wants to stay here the end of June if we have room.

Lynn Brickey sent a note that they are having a sun bathing contest in Heroes Square at the ice skating ring to see if they can get enough sun bathers to make the Guinness Book of Records. Since I did not finish my shopping until 2:00, I forgot all about it. Tomorrow, I am going to try to get the to WAMP fair, the monthly designer market.

Laszlo leaves tomorrow. Called him. He and Istvan decided they should have a send off fight for old times sake. : )

Going to hang clothes and prepare for guests tomorrow.”

Ron: “short one now. copied your book wish list to add. will wait for denver to hunt with elise or sheila.

monika, yes. she seems very motivated and upbeat. but she is quite a youngster, which may not be an issue at all.

as to ditching marge, i changed my timing to suit her planned arrival, and it was the only time dick and susan had open. it all worked well. george drove lawrence and marge to meet me and martha in oskaloosa at 2.30 today… we drove directly from lunch in des moines. good, positive talks with friends.

tonight marge, david, el and dorothy are off to alumni banquet in eddyville. class of 0ught48- 60 year class. so they will be partying late, maybe until 10 p.m. !”