The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 15

One book claims men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I propose that two men can be from different planets just as well.

Ron: “got here after making it through the night with amtrak. arriving 7

a.m. rita, mark, and elise there waiting, then took me to nice
breakfast place and to botanical gardens. elise is planning most every
minute, so i’ll probably have to negotiate the pace soon. out tonight
for supper and a club show. tomorrow to church with r and m, and
insist on slowdown time.
i hope no news from you today is at least o.k. news. missed your great
notes, but know you have tons of stuff going on.
ok, i will confess now and get it over. one of elise’s (her fault!)
adventures was noon showing of ‘sex and the city’. don’t hate me too
much…. it’s so good that i want to see it again with you.
i’d better call billicks now and get ready to go.”

Ryan: ”

Why would I hate you over seeing a movie without me? I have plenty of other reasons that take priority. This whole back and forth reminds me of that old 12 days of Christmas series of letters that starts out with Dear John, Thank you so much for your generous gift of a partridge in the pear tree, I am so overwhelmed with your kindness… And ends with Stop sending these damn presents. The birds are shitting all over the maids won’t stop milking, spilling milk all over, the lords are leaping all over the place and I am putting a restraining order on you.

Each day you have pleasant reveries to share, while each day I have some battles to fight. The ladies left yesterday. The night before one asked me what they owed and I said 290 Euros. She said how about the discount for the book we gave you and having the Frommer’s book. I said that did not kick in until July 1st. She seemed to be slightly disgruntled, but said “That’s fair”. I wanted to say, but did not “The three loads of laundry you did, the long distance phone call you made to reconfirm your tour, the broken bed, and the kilos of cheese eaten really do more than make up for the cost of both books you bought, one of which you will take home with you.”
Yesterday, they had a late train at 7:40 PM, but she wanted to go to the thermals by 7:00 am. I said breakfast was in the fridge, help yourself. It has been so hot here at night, I have been sleeping more poorly than usual. My foot has been cramping in the middle of the night and then spreads up my leg. I have to jump out of bed and try to walk relieve it. I am sure it is an after effect of my mother having polio and I am headed for a crippled future. I wake up to get breakfast feeling like I have spent the night in a barn. When the other woman left at 10:00 to meet up with the first one, I decided to hang around until I got paid and the keys. After stripping the bed, mopping floors, and cleaning up otherwise, I took a 2 hour nap. They returned at 6:30, gave me the money without an issue, asked me to sign the Frommer’s book, gave me a country flag magnet and got a hug out the door. They were really sweet and fun to talk to.
The family of three arrived on Friday in the large room. Lovely, lovely family from Phila. She is from NJ originally. Last night after the girls left, they were here and I said I was going out for awhile. I went to find the laundromat the girls found for their fourth load of clothes. Then I went to Heroes Square to see what remained of the Magyar Horse Exhibition the Hussars. The Yellow metro stopped at Baja u causing everyone to get off. The street was a festival from there to Heroes Square. Little booths of the usual food, and a booth for every little town in Hungary to promote tourism, all in Hungarian. I plowed through the crowd for some time, but it was still so hot at 8:00, I could not take the heat from the people and went down the side. All of HS was blocked for the show, which continues today. I walked around a bit and then came back down a side street to avoid crowds and walked to the hummus place for dinner. Looks like M is closed for good.

When I got home, the door window was still open and only the top lock was locked on the door. I had left the three here, so I was expecting them to be in the room when I found the window open. They were not. Thankfully, I had the foresight to close the kitchen window when I left. They returned about 30 minutes into my dinner with pizza from Pizza King.
This morning I got up to make breakfast and had the coffee going. I was cutting bread and cheese. Charlie was up already and on the computer. When I turned around, the coffee pot had spilled all over the counter, leaving about one cup in the pot. It was firmly in place and I had washed the filter before making it. It ran all over the counter and my clean floor, taking 20 minutes to clean up. Charlie oblivious to the whole thing until I was finishing up, though I was cussing while cleaning. I then washed the pot, filter and all and made another pot. Same thing all over again without any discernible cause. I am going to run vinegar later to see if this helps.
Things I wanted to do while you were gone to make me feel like I was having a “mini-vacation” and to be up-to-date for guests and the book.
1. Rudas – haven’t had time to go.
2. Kiraly – guests coming or going on men’s days, haven’t gone
3. Széchenyi – never made it.
4.Palatinus pool on Margaret Island. Haven’t had time to go. I planned on today, but the forecast is for thunderstorms. Just heard thunder.
5. Culinaris – a pint of Hagen Daz ice cream that I eat all by myself. Haven’t had time to go.
6. Italian vanilla cake that I ate in one sitting by myself until I was sick. DID IT TWICE!!! Stress eating and heavenly.
So I confess, I am not having a pleasant time. The amount of joyful experiences I have had could fit on a post-a-note with plenty of blank space to spare. Am I happy you are having a good time? Yes! Am I going to be a raving lunatic by the time you return? You bet!