The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 13

Ryan: “See if you can find any of these books.”

Ron: “Good morning…

I hope it is anyway. I’ve been novena-ing, sort of, that the system is go again. But that would also mean you have been busy uploading I guess.

Nice day, mostly, on the road to LaVelle’s. She’s sweet. Looks good for 93, for sure. With her new wig… she finished chemo recently, and is driving again. Hope we do as well.

We had lunch at M.E.’s sister Jeanne’s little cafe, then a drive in the country before returning here. Supper soon, then maybe plant 2 apple trees. Everything is gloriously green here. I went out to look at the great clouds gathering for a midnight storm incoming.

Tomorrow they’re off to a funeral, so I’ll have more time to write.”