Comment from Szilvi

Dear Dr James,
Here is a note of what I liked and disliked at the courses we had together, as you asked us to do that:

-your clear speaking (some of the teachers at the major we can’t really understand)
-interactive lessons
-you’re always punctual (coming to class, ending the class, returning essays, etc.)
-the feeling after the lesson that I’ve learned something new -the company:)
-we always know what you expect from us, but if we don’t, we can ask you freely
-leading the discussion. I think it is the most effective way to learn; it is effective for the leader and for the others as well, as it is interactive
-editing papers- I found it effective and new at the Critical Thinking class

-presentations (mostly I found useful for myself the presentation only when I had to prepare for it; other student’s presentation were not that useful to listen-even if they were enjoyable; they took a lot of time)
-the great amount of printing; this semester I decided to buy the book Ragtime

At the moment that’s all I could collect. I hope you’ll find them useful.
Have a nice Sunday!