Comment from Luca

I had started a teaching blog/log and asked for comments, but the time factor did not work in my favor. Too many blogs, not enough time. This is a comment from that blog.
Dear Dr. James,

I got your message about the blog. I’d like to “evaluate” your LP1-4 classes.

There were more positive experiences than negative ones in your classes. I like the presentations, because the issues are (mostly) interesting. We can also see how we and our classmates improve. It is very useful. I also like the class discussion part. It is interesting to hear your opinion about different issues, but I like to see that we can already lead the discussion without long pauses. One of my favorite things is the stamp. First time I found it a bit old style, but after that I realized that it is effective inspiration and also great fun. Class discussion leading was really negative for the first time, but after that it turned out that it helps us improving our communication skills.

What I do not like are the things you tell us at the beginning of each semester. These things sound too fearful, even if they are facts. For example it is really frustrating to hear that if we do not send our essay on time, we do not get the credit for the course. I do not like frustration. Moreover, I know that I have nothing to fear, because you are not a monster (as you once mentioned). I do not know how you could change this, but I feel you should.

The other negative remark is that you are sometimes too harsh when criticizing our essays. You sometimes say things that I find demoralizing. (My personal experience was when you indicated that I have plagiarized, just because one paragraph had more developed vocabulary than the others. As we discussed it later, the thing is that I did not have elegant expressions to the other issues, only to that one.)

I hope you can use these remarks.

Have a nice week until the semester starts,