Comment from Agape

This is in response to my request for comments transferred from my old/other blog.

Hello Dr. James,

here you go my feedback to your LP classes.
To start with the very beginning, I did like your first class (of LP1) (when we had to describe an object, and it turned out that each and everybody was approaching ot from her own point of view). However, what i did not like in LP1 is that we had to do a presentation, we (most of us) had no previous experience on how it works, and we had no indications how we should do one.
I did enjoy the topic of LP 3 (different ethnicities, or, sixties, or civil rights movements).

I did like the last LP with you, sixties, seventies, fifties. the topic, and the various ways of presentations (music, video, dance) I think these should be in every LP classes.

Overall experience is that it was very useful to write papers and to do presentations, but forcing the speaking was not necessarily a good idea (with the stamps) as in this was those of us were also speaking who should have been silent.
anyway, thanks! and keep in touch for the TA duties. (We cannot take it once again on ETR, but it is all right)
have a nice day