Closing the Bedroom Door Won’t Help

Remember the game still played by adults attempting to while
away time with the childish distraction, “I spy with my little eye”? Well the game
has gone rogue with modern technology, now including big and little brother, their
sisters, and heck their entire family keeping a spying eye on the lookout. Heck, everyone and anyone with an
Internet connection can spy with their little eye on ~ YOU!

In the US alone, there are over 4,591 surveillance cameras
from nursery schools to private homes that at not secured with either an
updated password from the default admin password or they have no password at all. If
you go to Insecam, you can view
thousands upon thousands of video camera shots from around the world. 
It is really
creepy to see some unmade beds and children’s cribs in private homes. It would be worse if you were caught doing something meant to be private and um, not naked regardless of whether you were alone or with others.

These brands of cameras: CCTV cameras, AvTech DVRs,
Hikvision DVRs, Foscam cameras, Panasonic cameras, and Linksys are the culprits. However, don’t blame the manufacturer or the camera. Three fingers
point back to you for not changing the password, something that should be
clearly explained in the manual.

The reason for the intrusion is because these cameras have
an Internet Protocol (IP) built into them, allowing them to transmit and
receive data via either a computer network or an Internet connection. They are
found in all forms ranging from surveillance systems to baby monitors.

So the next time you are out at a party, checking your
baby’s status at home, stop to think about how many strangers are doing the same exact
thing. Change your password now if you have not done so. If you lost your
manual, Google is your friend. Like all things computer related, keep an eye
out for software updates for your system.

Just a quick check of the site mentioned above, Hungary has
100 cameras to view. France has a whopping 2,058 surpassing The Netherlands
with 1,576 and Great Britain at 584. Russia comes in last with a paltry 77. As
if this would be a surprise!