Clogged Pipes and Google Burps

It never fails, Ron leaves for weeks at a time and the old old pipes start getting clogged up to the point of making my life back here miserable. They are begging for some action, usually requiring something invasive, but definitely not a do-it-yourself type of project, though I have tried different methods. It is just not the same as having an expert.

When in doubt, when Hungarian is needed to get the waters flowing smoothly again, call a student. Balazs, our knight in shining armor came to my rescue making the call that would set things right once again. Within twenty minutes, both kitchen sinks were draining like my sinuses in winter weather, or as a Hungarian once told me “my nose is melting.” Now I can wash dishes carefree, no worries about it taking an hour for the sink to drain.

Reservation requests have been coming in on a regular basis, but Google calendar was not cooperating. Of all of our calendars, of course the only one that would not load was the B and B one. I sent Google a report stating it have been 1-4 hours that it was out of service. Actually, it was only twenty minutes, but it seemed like four hours. I have grown truly dependent on it to keep track of our bookings, plus it shows on our website reducing the number or requests that cannot be fulfilled. When I looked at our website, there was only a large white box where the days, dates, people’s names, and other vital information should have been. Google don’t fail me now.

Hoping for the best, I ran off to my private lesson, with an eye on my watch, having to get back in time to let a guest in. Two more arrive tomorrow, a last minute booking translating into I cannot put off cleaning the room and making up the bed.

The guest who arrived today is named Sloane. Failing to identify a gender with the name, Google searches assured me it was a male, but when I answered the doorbell and heard a female voice, it took more than a minute to add two plus two and let the poor thing in. She is a young and lovely woman. Google you failed me on this one.