Cleaning Up The Place

Today, after mentioning the windows needed their spring cleaning, Ron offered to do those on high. I am petrified of heights, even getting on a chair is worthy of palpitations. Somehow he either became charitable or reached that Zen state; he had all of the windows in both guest rooms and the living room cleaned. It may not seem like much, but we have double windows, bottom and upper. Those rooms alone total 16 window-windows along with 4 more on the doors to the balcony

There are still the kitchen, both bathrooms, our bedroom, and the doors to the balcony to do yet. Doing them all in one day is a day long chore. What makes it even worse is the poplar trees are shedding their dust bunny like ‘hairs’ with the pollen inside. With the windows open, it looks like a rabbit farm during shedding season. It can get so thick, when you walk, it creates dust devils, which is difficult to explain to guests why they need to wash their face every three minutes. 

With Ron washing the house windows, I am cleaning off the computer windows. There are some tidbits I have been keeping on my Windows 7 desktop for blogging, but never got a round to it until now. Here is it.

Now that I have a round to it, I will get to it and post the couple of things that have been fogging up my Windows.

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