Circling the Drain, Customer Service Loses All Meaning

As strange as it may seem, I often tell my Hungarian students that things in general are not better in the US, regardless of what Hollywood wants the world to believe. One life issue that arises with greater repetition than any other is customer service.

Each time Hungarians or my fellow ex-pats complain about customer service here, I share my tales of the hour I spent on the phone with my CA bank trying to resolve an issue. Then there were the six calls I had to make to the credit card company for another problem. Of course, there was also the time… I might as well be speaking to an android. They all have a scripted speech that is never diverted from, regardless of the issue at hand. If your problem does not fit into their operation manual, all 5 pages of it, you are out of luck.

The point is if I could recapture all of the time I have spent calling the US for this or that problem, I would have enough time to live another five years. Though many of these people who listen to me rant, just believe I am trying to be a US naysayer while being a cheerleader for Hungary.

Today, in my mail was an article that drive the point home “Yes, customer service really is circling the drain – here’s what to do about it” gave me a tool to use to justify my opinion. Give this article a look-see. Christopher Elliott has been a travel guru for a couple of decades, yet he is like Dick Clark, he never seems to age. What he does do admirably is expand his repertoire of advocacy and information providing.

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