Cipher Needed for The Daphnee Code

The Transformative Negotiator

I am uncertain whether The Daphnee Code preceded The Da Vinci Code, but regardless, the Daphnee Code has yet to be cracked. Daphnee has been one of my best friends since our first year as undergraduate college students. Both of us were returning adult students and bonded immediately. Those who attended or have seen photos of our wedding know that Daphnee was my witness. Before I go on, yes, she does spell her name with the double e at the end. It is not a typo.

For decades now, without the limitations of geography, Daphnee has sent me gifts, often unannounced and completely unexpected. Recently, she requested our mailing address once again and for the umpteenth time. As much as I love her, several dictionaries use her likeness for an example of a Luddite. For all of her fabulous personality and intellectual traits, being a tech savvy is not one of them. I cannot even get her to put Skype on her iPad. But I am dissociating from the point.

Yesterday, the mailman delivered a package from Daphnee. Inside were two copies of the same book, which is ‘covered’ in this post picture. Typical of Daphnee, there was no note included. However, both books were autographed one addressing Ron and one to me. There have not been any explanatory e-mails shedding light on the reason for making us the benefactor of these books, but even more curious, why two copies. Perhaps she had a shared reading experience in mind? One never knows with Daphnee, which is part of her charm and what I love about her.

One time, completely out of the blue, she sent me a pricey label maker. There was never a time in my life when I verbalized wanting a label maker. Yet since having one, I have used it excessively and praise the day I received it as well as Daphnee for sending it. When I questioned her about the choice of gifts, she simply said, “I know how type A you are, so thought you would enjoy it.” This is why I love her so much. She really gets me!

Until I get around to reading this book of the day, here is a preliminary shout-out for Michèle Huff, J.D. When the mystery is solved, I will share the details. Don’t hang around waiting; Daphnee is a woman of mystery. I have yet to find the ciphers to decrypt her messages, which makes knowing her that much more fun.

After completing my Ed.D., the frustration of finding a teaching position where I was willing to live, led to Ron and I leaving the country. We intended to travel for a year before settling somewhere in MA or RI. We left the US without any credit card debt, no car payments and our house mortgage paid by renters. We had $10,000 in the bank to make our way through a year.