Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday was Lynn’s birthday. She is a Fulbrighter here, soon to leave at the end of this month. She is young enough to want to celebrate her birthday in a grandiose way, planning dinner at Spoon Cafe, drinks the Four Seasons, and then partying at the Living Room. When you are in your early twenties, this is the way to celebrate, but when most of your acquaintances here are ten to thirty years older than you, nope, nada, ninc, no way honeypie.

We were able to gracefully bow out of the festivities due to Anders and Inger’s arrival; we did not know how involved they intended for us to be in their visit. However, the bottom line was that the chosen venues were expensive times two of us. People have difficulty understanding that we really rely on our Hungarian salaries and it is less than most minimum wage jobs in the States. The B and B is not making us rich, though some people think it is, but it is our travel money. Most of the time even that has to be supplemented with other income.

Lynn believes in a multi-day birthday celebration, which I did too until twenty years ago. Now I prefer I few hours instead. Tonight was the Cinco de Mayo street party at the Iguana Cafe, the excuse for a Mexican restaurant here in Budapest. We agreed to join Lyn and others tonight to continue to celebrate her birth. The eclectic choices of music bombarded the street, making it difficult to hear one another. After a couple of frozen Margaritas, we made our apologies and headed for quieter pastures.