The Chiropractor Still

I am still making weekly visits to the chiropractor. I did find out that there are only 5 of them in Hungary. Four of them are from the U.S. and one from Canada. Some days after I leave, I feel great with no pain in my back, hip, or leg and other days, I feel worse than when I started.

The four thousand Huf a visit was also a major factor, so I mentioned it to him. He reduced my rate to two thousand, saying he was not there to make himself rich. That was very gracious of him, but I still wish it would get better and I could quit going at all.

When we were in South Africa, I bought a pair of shoes called Crocs. I thought they were made there, but found out differently later. I just started to wear them and they are by far the best thing I have done for my feet. They are so incredibly comfortable. It was not until Chris and Mark came over one night, that I had noticed they were wearing them too. After Googling Crocs, I found that they are from Boulder, CO. I ordered three more pair to be sent to a friend of mine who is coming over in May. At $39.00 a pair, you cannot have too many.


  1. Using skype you have to put in the country code so the number would be for his mobile 00 36 (20) 464 1145

    the landline number would be 00 36 1 212 2078

    Please let me know how you get on as am desperate to find a chirpracticer in this country that actually just nudges and manipulates my back into place and does not do an African dance on it.

  2. I’ve tried the numbers using Skype. No result.. Hoped to get somebody to look at my ‘dropped’ shoulder which I think is really a misaligned arm after one-sided sports in Rugby and Rowing over 40 years ago! Will try again tomorrow but will be heading home in a week.

  3. Have you tried this guy:

    Chiropractor who knows the business.

    I found an excellent chiropractor who does the physical manipulation(and understands what he’s looking at when he sees an MRI or x-ray) and has gone through lots of training in the United States.
    His English is excellent and his prices are very good.

    I am only posting this info to save ppl the hours I spent looking for a good chiropractor.

    His website:

    His contact info:

    Dr. Grauzer Zoltán
    1123 Budapest, Kékgolyó u. 15/b.
    Tel.: 06 (1) 212-2078
    Mobil: 06 (20) 464-1145

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