Caught in a Draft

Hmmm…it seems that after I wrote this post, I did not publish it, so it went into the DRAFT folder. I just realized it so here it is now, but the events were from Friday.

One of my now former students, Árpád, turned me on to a budget eatery that he highly recommended. We had tried to set up a lunch date before Ron left, but with juggling schedules it was not possible. Today, Friday (see note above) we finally were able to meet. The restaurant is tiny and unadorned other then some old newspaper articles that have morphed from black and white to black and yellow from years of exposure to the confined elements of a dining venue.

With limited seating upon entering, I had thought we would be waiting in line to be served or carry a to go order with us to the little park across the street. But, neither was the case as there is additional seating upstairs. We were promptly offered menus, mine was in English, another surprise for a tiny place. Even more surprising was the fact the menu had today’s date. All of that color ink used Monday through Friday for a lunch time rush of diners is quite remarkable. How do they keep the prices so reasonable? Perhaps the owner has a brother-in-law who imports printer cartridges. There will be a complete review in the BudaBaB Club restaurant section.

Upon Árpád’s suggestion, I was stingy with my order only because I had been warned of the size of the portions. True to the traditional Hungarian standards, our bowl of bean soup was more than substantial as a meal and quite savory besides. Yes, Árpád, it was truly satiating. 

Meanwhile, László had been in and out of our place that morning with a repair man who needed to fix the cord on our metal blind. While demonstrating it for a guest, I snapped the inner workings and it was as limp as a 90-year-old man who does not have his little blue pill within arms reach. As it turned out, the mechanism was from the turn of the century, so there were concerns about replacing it. He was able to and returned post-lunch to do so.

Once they finished their tasks, our ‘nephew’ Dorian was in town to celebrate his birthday. I had wanted to visit a new watering hole called ‘Instant’ where they presumably have 23 rooms, 6 bars, 3 dance floors, 2 open gardens, all in an enchanted forest. Now whose curiosity would not be piqued by that buildup? I find these youthful hangouts much less hostile to we older folks when approached during the day. There is less territorial resentment vibrations seething through the air. 

Dorian was on board and did not seem to sense a danger in our going there, considering my age. At least if he felt it, he stuffed the feelings well enough that I did not sense hesitation. Once we were perched on bar stools at a table in the main room on street level, my eyes traveled to and fro taking in the other sights. Once one beer was fully installed or in-still-ed, courage rose to the surface to explore the other ground floor rooms. The one we were in was the most remarkable; the others were blase at best. Perhaps the mood and atmosphere changes in the evening when filled with youthful exuberance and pheromones. After a few beers, it was quite an interesting place, come to think of it. This too will find itself reviewed in the BudaBaB Club, but I think I need another beer first.

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