Catch the Tooth Fairy In th Act

Normally, I think twice about promoting commercial comments to my posts, but this one struck my funny bone. I checked out the demo picture, because, well quite honestly, I hate my picture being taken and anyone who has tried taking one of me sleeping now needs more than a tooth fairy. 

Anyway, the idea is kind of fun, but I did notice the tooth fairy only comes in one flavor, so if you are a child of color, you have to have that white fairy woman hanging over your head. Where is it written that the tooth fairy has to be a female?  Sexism and racism introduced to children early on, no wonder it takes so long to undo it all.
Steven has left a new comment on your post “Alvin the Chipmunk Meets the Tooth Fairy“:
Catch the Tooth Fairy “in the act” for FREE at!
Just enter this code: “fairy-2010” after you’ve approved your photo.
Seeing is Believing.
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  1. Did you know the Tooth Fairy's ~magic~ disappears if she is "seen"? Lots more to learn and explore within my "Toothfairycyberspace".
    *Sprinkling you with Fairy Dust*
    Tooth Fairy

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