Cape Town Hightlights

I did not journal our week in Cape Town. Much of what we did was too mundane to write about. Our first day, however, we did return to the National Art Museum, which is a real treasure. There was a new exhibit outside the museum, which was fun and reminiscent of our recent tour. Many of the exhibits from last year have been changed, so it was like seeing it for the first time again. One permanent exhibit fascinates me though. There was also a special exhibit based on the impact of AIDS in South Africa, which was heart wrenching.We also went back to the Museum of Natural History. They had a poster in the gift shop that I was ready to purchase, but it was $50. an outrageous sum for a poster. Our favorite mode of transport are the Rikki taxis. They are set fees based on the district you are in and where you want to go. Since last year, they have added three London taxis to the force. They are economical and less expensive than a regular taxi since they are not metered. When we returned home again, there was a lovely note on the kitchen table from Romaney inviting us to dinner with she and her boyfriend Brent. Later that evening, we had a great dinner and chat getting to know these wonderful young people all the better. It was such a warm and welcoming touch.I had brought my laptop computer with me and left it here while we were on tour. I was anxious to download my pictures and start transcribing my journal. I just finished downloading all of my photos and a little voice told me to burn them to disc immediately, so for once I did what the little voice told me to do. The computer was still on when Romaney called us to dinner, but when I returned, I thought it had gone into hibernation mode, but it would not start at all. I checked the adapter, I checked the plug, but nothing. I switched adapters and plugs, but still nothing. The computer starts up and then shuts off immediately. This computer is only nine months old and I have had to replace the power pack once already. I was in anguish.