Call Me the Human Shar-Pei

For the last couple of weeks, I have been suffering with
dryness on my eyelids extending up into my eyebrows. Since my eyebrows are not
naturally thick, the scaliness was definitely apparent. Some people commented
it was just in need of moisturizing, but I generally do this daily anyway.
As time went on, I noticed there was a sandy feeling on my
eyelids. This alerted me to there really being a problem. I used natural oils
to moisturize them before bed, but it did not help. It just kept getting worse
while my eyelids swelled. It was when my eyesight started getting blurry that I
started getting really concerned.
After consulting WebMD, it looked like I may have blepharitis.
Repeated searches on various sites all came to the same symptoms and
One of my former students that come to the university to
meet me to pick up some things I was getting rid from my office. She went with
me across the street to a pharmacy, to ask the pharmacist to look at my eyes to
see if there was some over-the-counter medication I could buy to treat them.
The pharmacist said that I would need to see a doctor, since the medication
would require a prescription.
Later that day I went to our house doctor. On Thursday his
hours are 4pm to 8pm. I was so proud of myself being there at 3:30pm and being the
first one in line. About 10 minutes after my arrival to elderly gentleman
arrived and took their seats to my left. We sat there patiently waiting for the
nurse or the doctor to arrive. Close to 4pm, a nurse from the other side of the
building happened to come over to an office close to where we were sitting. She
looked at us with a question on her face, but didn’t say anything immediately.
She walked over to our doctor’s office door, slapped on the sheet of paper
taped to the door, and turned to us and said something in an incomprehensible
Hungarian. At least the Hungarian was incomprehensible to me. I waited to see
the reaction of the two gentlemen before making a move. They both continued to
sit there as did I because I was not giving up my place. The nurse continued to
hit the sign on the door, clearly enunciating the word nincs. It was then that
I took a good look at the side and with my limited Hungarian knowledge realized
that the doctor was going to be gone till June 17.
I finally returned to the doctor after he returned from his
vacation, he looking dapper and tan, while I looked like a Shar-Pei puppy. He
prescribed a steroid ointment for me to put on my eyes, but said if this doesn’t
work I will have to see a dermatologist. I am hoping that this does work. My
experience with the dermatologist here has not been the most positive sense
getting an appointment proves to be extremely difficult. Let’s keep our fingers