Busy or Lazy?

When I don’t get on here for some time, this antsy feeling comes over me. The problem is scheduling. Each semester, I try, I really try to space out my essay assignments, so that I am not piled under with papers to read at one time. If most Hungarian students understood the meaning of “Deadline” this would probably work out better than it does. Just as I think I am at the end of one classes group of essays, an e-mail comes in with a pleading note about why this paper is late. I would rather read the late paper than fail them, so I accept the paper. Then just as I finish one pile, it is time for the next class to dump another pile in my lap. From the middle of the semester to the end, it is one non-stop cycle. 

The difference this semester is having had the eye surgery. My one eye, the operated one can now see distance almost perfectly, but it is expected to continue to improve in the next few weeks. The other eye is great for short distances. What I need is a third eye for those in-between distances, like from seat to the computer monitor. I have had to correct papers by increasing the size to 150% or hunch over the computer table. I alternate between the two, because I really love my massage therapist and want him to feel needed when my back has had it from the hunch mode.
Other things have distracted me also. I decided that we, my Journalism students and I needed a web site. In a couple of hours, I created this one ELTE Journals. It was easy and fast, so I became carried away and created one for myself too, called what else, Dr. Ryan James. I did not have any special purpose for it, but thought it could not hurt to get my name out there more often. One never knows. With Goolge analytics in mind, I thought I should create a mirror site for the B and B. It is actually more than a mirror, since I can add content to it that there really is no room for on our regular site. Like our regular site, this is also called BudaBaB.
Speaking of Google, I was able to get us listed on Google maps. After registering, I had to wait for the confirmation postcard with the pin ID to arrive in the mail. It came to the day that they promised. Now, if someone types in BudaBaB into Google, they will get this map location. In addition, the list goes on for days, showing where we have been listed, guest reviews we were not even aware of, and other surprises. I love technology!