Bush Drops Visa Restrictions for Hungarians

Bush drops visa restrictions for Hungarians – Caboodle.hu: “US President George W. Bush on Friday announced in the Rose Garden of the White House that the US is extending visa exemption to citizens of seven more countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and South Korea, provided that they have purple passports, containing biometric data that cannot be forged.

Bush did not set a start date for the scheme but it is thought that by Christmas travellers from the seven said countries will no longer need US visas, and will only have to fill in an electronic questionnaire.

Foreign Minister Kinga Göncz who watched the announcement at a video conference at the US embassy in Budapest in the presence of ambassador April H. Foley and Justice and Law Enforcement Minister Tibor Draskovics said the news represented ‘the cutting of the final piece of the iron curtain.’

Foley said since she arrived in Budapest it had been her main goal to ensure that Hungary join the visa-waiver scheme. US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will visit Hungary on October 28, Népszabadság reported on Saturday.”